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Balcony and Walk Surfacing In Acrylic and Epoxy


If you want to enhance the appearance of your concrete balcony, call MF Maçonnerie Inc. We offer a balcony and walk surfacing service in St-Constant, Brossard, Candiac, Saint-Lambert, Mercier-Châteauguay, La Prairie, Ste-Catherine, St-Philippe and anywhere on the South Shore (between St-Lambert and Mercier). We use an acrylic coating with numerous advantages:


  • Resistance to water infiltration

  • No crack possible

  • Beautiful finish

  • Cost savings

  • Easy maintenance

  • Variety of colours


At MF Maçonnerie Inc., our mission is to help you maintain the durability and appearance of the exterior parts of your home with our unparalleled epoxy surfacing services. So, Call without further delay to our experienced team in order to find a durable coating and take full advantage of your balcony or patio! Ask us for a free estimate For your surfacing work, our attentive team will respond to your every request as soon as possible.


Is your concrete balcony cracked or damaged? Have it repaired! These concrete surfaces at the entrance of homes are prone to wear and tear over the years. Give your balcony and front steps a second wind and prolong their durability with acrylic surfacing.


Acrylic has the advantage of being robust and is aesthetically more interesting than cement, which will eventually crack under the effects of weather and temperature changes. With a slightly grainy finish, acrylic is non-slip and, with 96 choices of colours, you can match it to the tones of your home. We can also finish the steps of your balcony. Of course, any surface will be cleaned and sanded, and repaired if necessary beforehand.


Once the repair is completed by our team, we apply a polymer cement base before spreading the acrylic. We end with the application of a protective epoxy sealant for added durability. You will have a brand new balcony, clean and neat. Feel free to browse our website and our Facebook page to see our achievements.


Let's not forget that your front steps are the first real contact with your home. They really need to make a good impression! If your stone or brick walls along your walkway are damaged, we can replace or refinish the tops of the walls (top cement), or do repointing, complete replacement or even demolition if you like.


Contact MF Maçonnerie Inc. today for a free estimate.*

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