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Wall and Chimney


Whether your building is stone or brick, it is vital to maintain the mortar joints to maintain your building structure. At MF Maçonnerie Inc., we are experts in brick and stone repair in St-Constant, Brossard, Candiac, Saint-Lambert, Mercier-Châteauguay, La Prairei, Ste-Catherine, St-Philippe and anywhere on the South Shore (between St-Lambert and Mercier). Repointing work is one of our specialties and our team will be able to evaluate your needs:

Brick wall and chimney repair and replacement


Replacement of spandrels and lintels

Brick and stone wall cleaning

Angle iron replacement

Angle iron replacement

Since the repair of bricks and mortar joints must be entrusted to experts, call without further delay to our professional masons for your masonry work and benefit from efficient services that respect deadlines and your budget and quality results that meet your expectations! At MF Maçonnerie Inc., our mission is to help you maintain the solidity and appearance of your property by providing you with a complete service in terms of masonry work. Allow us to protect your investment and enhance its value with our assessment and maintenance services for the exterior masonry of your home. Ask us for a free estimate for your masonry work! Our team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.


Repointing is the act of carefully replacing masonry joints. Do you have brick or stone walls where the mortar is missing or crumbling? You need repointing to avoid water infiltration that could harm the sides of your building.

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To ensure a lasting repair that requires the thorough removal of mortar from damaged or cracked joints and then replacing the mortar with new one, it is advisable to call on masonry experts. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove even bricks and stones and reinstall them after cleaning them if the condition of your wall requires it. At MF Maçonnerie Inc., we have the experience and expertise required to deliver quality work that will extend the life of your deteriorated wall by a few decades! A repointing done in time protects your wall from water infiltration in the mortar which will weaken the wall and pose a real danger to the safety of your building and that of passers-by. Our experienced masons will come with all the material, as well as all the tools and equipment necessary to carry out your repointing work in compliance with the safety standards in force. 


We offer you a free estimate for your work after an assessment of the condition of your damaged wall. Contact us without further delay if you notice worrying signs in the mortar joints around the bricks or stones of your wall such as cracks, cracks, etc.!


Our repointing procedure is done according to best industry practices. It is essential to remove about 1 inch to 1½ inches of unhealthy mortar using electric grinders, then fill the empty joints with a mortar specially formulated for repointing. Once the result is dry, we do a good cleaning with water and a low concentration of acid detergent.

Then, if you want to extend the duration of your repair, a water-based water repellent treatment can be applied. Thus, you have peace of mind for at least 10 years, without being concerned about water infiltration, even if your brick is the porous type.


If repointing is not done in time, you could wind up with what is known in our jargon as a "beef belly". This means that the bricks are coming loose from their backing, and begin sagging outwards. If this is the case, we must immediately address the situation to prevent a collapse. We must dismantle the affected part and reinstall the bricks or stones, replacing any that are broken or in poor condition.


That's why MF Maçonnerie Inc. is here to help you with a good repointing at the first signs of damage. In addition to repointing, we offer the replacement of spandrels, lintels and angle irons as well as installation of flashing. We also repair stone or brick chimneys.


Contact us for more information on our services.

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